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Total Money Magnetism by Steve G Jones

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What Is "Total Money Magnetism"?

Total Money Magnetism 💰 is not just a program that tells you to think positive. It is a system developed by celebrity hypnotist and multi-millionaire Steve G. Jones and his team to reshape your brain and replace it with a "rich person's brain", and this works no matter what age you're at.

Steve G Jones (right), creator of Total Money Magnetism and Kevin Harrington, entrepreneur and founder of "As Seen On TV"

This system is fully automated and attuned to work with the natural action of your brainwaves to automatically re-tune your brain's electrochemistry and neural pathways from the inside.

What you need to do is to follow the steps, listen one time per day (it only takes a few minutes), and Steve promises that you will feel changes happening right away.

What's Inside The Member's Area?

#1 Total Money Magnetism: The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaires PDF Manual & Audio

First, you will get the Total Money Magnetism: The Secret Neuroscience of Millionaires e-book.

In fact, this is actually the CORE and foundation in Total Money Magnetism.

Yes, you will also get special millionaire brain hypnosis tracks, but your brain will be able to absorb them much faster after reading the e-book.

The e-book is a very well-written, easy to read 195-page manual containing the step-by-step blueprint to 'de-programming' your brain, so you can change your "poor-person" by awakening your natural, inborn wealth-generating abilities...

You will find techniques and stories from Steve G. Jones about how to re-program your brain, including how he "stopped working for money" (in part two, chapter 6 of Total Money Magnetism manual).

Here's what you can expect from the Total Money Magnetism PDF manual:

Part One: Hypnosis

  • Your Weapon of Mass Wealth Attraction
  • How hypnosis made me rich, before I even made one dime
  • Why hypnosis is the most powerful money making tool you could ever possess
  • and more

Part two: The 5 Fundamentals of Total Money Magnetism

  • The day I stopped working for money
  • Your thought virus override
  • Digging out your fears from their roots
  • and more

Part three: The 10 Success Secret Principles of the Ultra-Wealthy

Part four: The Pot of Gold at the End of the Rainbow...

  • How to Get the Most of Your Wealth
  • Who says you can't be rich and happy?
  • Giving back
  • With every ending comes a new beginning

This PDF manual also comes with the audio version, so you can listen to Total Money Magnetism anywhere and anytime.

The audio version you can listen to anywhere

In this review article, I can say that Total Money Magnetism will help your mind to be full of thoughts, skills, ideas, motivation, and also focus of a true millionaire's brain.

Hypnotist Dr. Steve G. Jones has created Total Money Magnetism so that it contains what you need to quickly and easily get on the right path to a lifetime of wealth and financial independence!

#2  Total Money Magnetism - 6 Step Millionaire Brain Audio Program

Then, you will also get the Total Money Magnetism - 6 Step Millionaire Brain Audio Program.

What's this audio program about?

Steve G. Jones is a well-known hypnotist, and he has been very successful in helping others.

He also charges $25,000 for a 2-hour hypnotherapy session, as you can read in this article published on November 6, 2014:

Steve G. Jones on

Buy Total Money Magnetism

Therefore, he created this "Millionaire Brain Audio Program" containing 6 hypnosis mp3 tracks with a powerful technology to trigger your brain to work faster, better, smoother, and much more powerfully than ever before.

The 6 tracks in the Total Money Magnetism hypnosis are:

  1. Releasing the fear of failure (33 minutes, 33 seconds)
  2. Releasing the fear of success (34 minutes, 02 seconds)
  3. Discovering abundance (39 minutes, 46 seconds)
  4. Programming your millionaire brain (37 minutes 40 seconds)
  5. Millionaire success strategies (36 minutes 31 seconds)
  6. Passive income creation (35 minutes 29 seconds)

This hypnosis program is designed to "reprogram your brain" to achieve wealth while also eliminating stress in the process.

But remember, the hypnosis tracks are meant to complement the e-book / PDF manual, so you should read the manual first. In addition, to make Total Money Magnetism work, you have to be committed to listen to the program every day for at least 21 days.

This way, the program can work by improving the connections in the exact areas of your brain in order to create millionaire wealth.

Why should you get Total Money Magnetism? Will it work?

Can you get rich or make more money using hypnosis or programs like Total Money Magnetism?

I believe that the answer is yes.


Yes, you still need to know some strategies and techniques to make money or generate wealth, but that's just 20% of what you need.

What you need the most, the 80%, is your psychology or your brain!

Anthony Robbins says that the immutable law of life is this:

"80% of success in life is psychology and 20% is mechanics" - Tony Robbins

It all started with YOU.

NOT techniques, methods, tricks, strategies, etc to make money.

That means, if you don't have the brain or thoughts of a rich person, then it will be difficult to have the life, money, or the results of a rich person.

It is because no wealth is possible without the right kind of thoughts driving it. And, the right kind of thoughts aren't possible without the right kind of brain driving them.

So, your thoughts are the drivers of your success, and they come from the machine running your life: your brain!

And guess what?

According to Steve G. Jones, rich people have a certain type of brain.

Whereas people like you and me have another.

It is because typically, rich people have incredible neural strength and connectivity in the right areas of their brain that make them wealthy and successful. So we can say that they literally have a rich brain.

They have all the mental programming and neural pathways necessary to draw in massive wealth and success. To the point that, for a person with a rich brain, it almost doesn't matter what they do. 

Their brain the machine driving their life, will see to it that they end up rich no matter what.

 Buy Total Money Magnetism

For example, let's look at Steve Jobs.

If he had a poor person's brain, he would have sunk without a trace. He dropped out of college, he got fired from multiple jobs.

However, because he had a rich brain with rich programming, his brain saw to it that he became wealth and successful no matter what he did.

But for people like you and me, again, we weren't born with that rich brain.

We try to do what the naturally rich people do and we try to make good decisions and accumulate wealth and success, but our life never seems to really change for the better.

That's why Steve G. Jones created Total Money Magnetism to reshape your brain so that it could finally awaken all the key parts necessary for making money.

In this Total Money Magnetism review, I can say that you can re-program your brain so that you can make use of all of the skills, talents, and mental abilities necessary for making money such as creativity, curiosity, power, opportunity awareness.

Can You Really Change Your Brain No Matter What Age You're At?

Most people, including scientists, used to think that after a certain age, you cannot change your brain and that your mental programming and neural pathways are set in stone.

However, the good news is, over 40 years of neuroscience research has now proven that you can change your brain, at any age! And this of course, including the part of your brain related to wealth and money.

That means, you can replace your poor person's brain with a rich brain – the one that is better, faster, stronger, more powerful than ever before.

Here's an article from LiveScience showing that you can still change your brain even when you're an adult:

Total Money Magnetism contains a system that would deprogram the “poor-person's brain” inside your skull right now so that you can naturally and quickly replace it with the brain of a rich person.

 Buy Total Money Magnetism

"3 Rs" of the Law of Attraction - Steve G Jones and Winter Vee

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Dr Steve G Jones and his friend success coach Winter Vee did a live streaming on Facebook, and they talked about the "three Rs" of success.

What are the 3 Rs and how can they enhance our lives?

#1: Release

What is your sticking point? What is your limiting belief?

Most limiting beliefs are actually originating from when you were children.

From our parents, teachers who said you couldn't do it, etc. That is usually the original sticking point when applying the law of attraction.

Therefore, you have to work on releasing the limiting beliefs.

First is of course you have to recognize them, then work on releasing them and not allowing you to limiting you any longer.

When you're working towards a goal, you also have to release your expectation to get exactly what you want.

It is because without a doubt the universe is going to deliver if you're working towards something. But you have to release your expectation.

For example, you want to lose 100 pounds by August. If that is the case, you have to release that expectation because even if you lose 5 pounds or 10 pounds, that is achieving something.

#2: Request

If you have released your expectations, but currently you're constantly moving through your life while focusing on negative thoughts such as "I hate my job", "I hate my income", "I'm so broke", etc, you're not requesting what you want to attract in your life.

Instead, you're requesting additional negativity. The universe is going to keep delivering it to you.

Therefore, request the correct stuff to come towards you.

#3: Respect

Respect what the universe delivers.

If your goal is to make $100,000 and you work very hard all year long, then at the end of the year you find out that you only make an extra $10,000, respect that because that's what the universe delivers to you.

It is because for one reason or another, the universe sees that you're not ready yet for that ultimate goal. Therefore, respect that the universe has helped move you on and taken you on the next step to reach your goal.

So if you haven't reached your goals yet, it doesn't mean that you failed in applying the law of attraction, but it is because that is what the universe is currently delivering to you.

Get Total Money Magnetism

How Can Hypnosis Help You with Your Brain to Make Money?

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The brain or mindset that we have is different from the mindset that people have who aren't successful.

It's just a matter of mindset. It's not a matter of who we are or what we have.

One of the main ways that hypnosis will help you change your brain or mindset is through relaxation. It is something that starts to leap away from people when they get too focused on how nervous and how anxious they are about making money or generating wealth.

They start to think, “Oh my God, I've got to do this, I've got to make it happen! If I don't make this happen, then I won't be able to pay my bills, I won't be happy, people will leave me...etc”

They always have negative thoughts concerning it.

So relaxation helps you to chill out and calm down about this whole thing.

When you look at the successful people, including Steve G. Jones, you may see calm and relaxed people who plan things out. When they find a problem, they take it and make it fit into the structure of their lives that will eventually work out.

They have this mindset that everything is going to be okay.

That's one of the ways how hypnosis can help you.

Also, of course hypnosis re-program your subconscious mind. That's the heart of the matter of the subconscious mind.

The subconscious mind is like an iceberg. A little bit of the mind, the conscious mind, is above the water, but approximately 90% or so is under the water, which is the subconscious mind.

Your subconscious mind has the thoughts from your past, and also ideas in your head about how much you're worth, the size of the house that you should have, the amount of money you should earn, etc.

So hypnosis helps to reprogram this part of you that's actually acting subconsciously.

Your subconscious mind is dictating what you're going to do.

You can take a look at people who live in the same environment but have completely different lives. They may have access to the same thing, but they have different lives.

But that's okay, diversity is part of life. If not, that would be kind of strange and boring :-)

But why is that?

It is because we have different programming, and one of the easiest ways to reprogram your subconscious mind is through hypnosis.

This is why certified hypnotist and millionaire Steve G. Jones. Created Total Money Magnetism. He creates a very straight forward way to re-program your mind so you can get a “rich brain”.

Buy Total Money Magnetism

Attract Money Hypnosis

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Hypnosis is just a relaxed state of mind in which you are more open and more suggestible to the suggestions coming from the hypnotherapist.

So there is nothing strange or unusual with hypnosis. In fact, it happens every day.

When you are reading a book, driving, or watching TV, just waking up or going to sleep, etc, your brain is in the "alpha" condition so that you are more relaxed and open to suggestions. This is the same with hypnosis.

Therefore, listening to attract money hypnosis mp3s can cause you to get there and you will be more open to the positive suggestions you are listening to.

But don't worry, hypnosis doesn't make you do things you don't want to do,  it simply utilizes the brainwave pattern to help you make changes, including attracting money and success.

How can hypnosis help you attract money and wealth?

One of the ways how attract money hypnosis can help you is by helping you find your passion. Hypnosis can align you with what you really want.

To make the attract money hypnosis effective, it is recommended to listen to it at night time because you will not have any activities and you're already lying down. Yes, you can listen to any hypnosis recording at day time, but doing it at night is just an easier way to do it.

What if you fall asleep during listening to the recording? Will it still work?

You may fall asleep, but you can still hear the hypnosis mp3 recording because your ears are always monitoring your environment. This way, you can still take in the information while sleeping.

For example, if you're hearing a phone ringing, in your dreamland it may become a part of your dream. This shows that you are still taking in information.

Total Money Magnetism

Dr. Steve G Jones' hypnosis programs, including Total Money Magnetism, are designed to pull you down into a state of relaxation. When you are in this condition, you become sort of like a child who usually take things in as truth.

Take advantage of this by programming your brain into a "rich brain" with Total Money Magnetism!

Buy Total Money Magnetism

How To Create Positive Mindset for Wealth

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Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G Jones
Steve G. Jones once asked the best-selling author Joe Vitale (The Secret, Zero Limits, the Attractor Factor) - how do you accomplish so much in your life?

How do successful people accomplish so much in their lives?

The reason is this: positive mindset.

And, it all began with awareness.

You have to be aware of what's going on in your brain right now. Most of us don't have a positive mindset because we weren't trained to have one.

The way we were brought up - religion, government, school system, etc - most of them come from what Joe Vitale calls "victim consciousness".

They have a negative mindset - fear based, protective based.

Well, actually that's good because it keeps you alive. This helps you stay protected in the world.

So you need to have that kind of mindset. On the other hand, that type of mindset is kind of very limiting.

You need to have that protection around you, but at the same time you need to have a positive mindset so that you see opportunities. That's how you generate wealth.

When you see opportunities, you can then act on the opportunitites.

We live in a world that acts kind of like an optical illusion.

Depending on your mindset,  you'll see everything as being negative, or you'll see most things as being positive.

So which one is correct, negative or positive?

The answer is, both.

We're in this magical universe that, depending on how you turn on the radar in your own brain, you'll see exactly what you'll expect to see.

This is why so many people that are complainers, skeptics, or unhappy, they look at the world and they find a whole lot of evidence to support them and feeling negative.

They find something that's already in their mind.

While the positive people look out and see the same world, but their filter is different. They see people doing good things, pick up the good that others are doing, all of this because of the mindset they have selected.

This is really important because maybe up until now you only have the negative mindset and you thought that's the way the world is.

It's like the glasses you're wearing.

If you put on the different glasses, you will have the different filter. If you put on the positive glasses, you will start seeing opportunities, including how to generate wealth.

How do you do this?

Be aware that it is a choice, a perception. So, you need to consciously intend to look for the positive.