Monday, October 26, 2015

How To Create Positive Mindset for Wealth

Joe Vitale and Dr. Steve G Jones
Steve G. Jones once asked the best-selling author Joe Vitale (The Secret, Zero Limits, the Attractor Factor) - how do you accomplish so much in your life?

How do successful people accomplish so much in their lives?

The reason is this: positive mindset.

And, it all began with awareness.

You have to be aware of what's going on in your brain right now. Most of us don't have a positive mindset because we weren't trained to have one.

The way we were brought up - religion, government, school system, etc - most of them come from what Joe Vitale calls "victim consciousness".

They have a negative mindset - fear based, protective based.

Well, actually that's good because it keeps you alive. This helps you stay protected in the world.

So you need to have that kind of mindset. On the other hand, that type of mindset is kind of very limiting.

You need to have that protection around you, but at the same time you need to have a positive mindset so that you see opportunities. That's how you generate wealth.

When you see opportunities, you can then act on the opportunitites.

We live in a world that acts kind of like an optical illusion.

Depending on your mindset,  you'll see everything as being negative, or you'll see most things as being positive.

So which one is correct, negative or positive?

The answer is, both.

We're in this magical universe that, depending on how you turn on the radar in your own brain, you'll see exactly what you'll expect to see.

This is why so many people that are complainers, skeptics, or unhappy, they look at the world and they find a whole lot of evidence to support them and feeling negative.

They find something that's already in their mind.

While the positive people look out and see the same world, but their filter is different. They see people doing good things, pick up the good that others are doing, all of this because of the mindset they have selected.

This is really important because maybe up until now you only have the negative mindset and you thought that's the way the world is.

It's like the glasses you're wearing.

If you put on the different glasses, you will have the different filter. If you put on the positive glasses, you will start seeing opportunities, including how to generate wealth.

How do you do this?

Be aware that it is a choice, a perception. So, you need to consciously intend to look for the positive.