Thursday, December 10, 2015

EFT Tapping To Attract Money

Can it be true that a simple practice of tapping on your head and body can relieve years of emotional issues and negative beliefs about money that may have an effect on your finances?

Skeptical? Of course, but you won't be for long...

Do you have any idea what EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is?

When I heard about using EFT to attract money, I had no idea what it was about, and thought it would be just another rehash of all the other, "think positive thoughts and money will fall from the sky" thingy.

EFT, which is best described as an emotional version of acupuncture, using your fingertips to replace the traditional needles of acupuncture. What make EFT different is that while the fingertips are "tapping" on the various points of the body, negative feelings about emotional upsets or physical aliments are repeated during the process, thus thought to clear the body of negative energy trapped in the these energy fields that causes disruption to the body's natural balance.

1) It is convenient and can be done anywhere, at anytime, by anyone
2) The method is simple to master
3) The results are often times immediate where years
of traditional therapy has not produced results
4) It is free to use
5) Simply put - It Works

This may be similar to hypnosis, since EFT tapping is used to "clean" sources of our misguided beliefs about money that can stem from what parents, teachers, spiritual leaders etc. taught in our most receptive years.

Although most often these negative tales about money were not taught to keep us from having money but to "warn" us of the dangers that money can cause in our lives

So if you are struggling to remain positive during the constant bombardment of economic woes, you can try EFT to help you remain calm and peaceful about money and give yourself the gift of a restored sense of confidence about your financial destiny.

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