Sunday, January 29, 2017

How Your Employee Mindset is Killing Your Chances at Being Rich

Dr. Steve G Jones and Bob Proctor -speaker, coach, mentor, and author of "You Were Born Rich"

If you’ve ever tried to start a business or join any business opportunity, like a network marketing opportunity or something, then you should be immediately able to understand exactly what I’m getting at.

We’re going to start this of by talking about the people at the top, the people who are held up on a pedestal so that you have an idea of what you can accomplish, a “vision of success,” if you will.

What makes these people the successes that they are?

What separates them from the rest of the pack, in terms of freedom, material wealth, and happiness?

The truth sounds so simple that even after I tell you, you still probably won’t understand, but here it goes anyway.

The difference between these leaders in strategic business success, is that they do one basic thing that the unsuccessful don’t do… They work for THEMSELVES.

Ah, do you get it?

Probably not, and that’s alright, because even if you don’t understand the principle behind that very basic statement, I can break it down for you and explain it more thoroughly. After all, it’s my firm belief that everybody should be living an incredible life, one full of wealth in every possible measure.

It’s my desire to contribute toward you reaching that level of success, and to do that you’ll need to have a firm grasp on what success means to you, and all its various principles. So let’s get started.

“They work for themselves.” What does that even mean?

You can work for yourself too, right? You’re working for yourself when you take care of chores around the house, when you cook your own meals, when you take out the trash and unload the dishes… but that’s not the same, is it? No, it’s not.

In fact, when it comes to working for yourself in a way that’s really significant, in a way that builds your own business and generates serious financial income, you probably aren’t making things happen at all.

Being Afflicted With the Employee Mindset

There’s a reason for this, and just like pretty much every aspect of your own personal development, it has to do with your own internal conditioning.

Let me ask you this.

When you try to “make things happen,” in your own life, when you try to build a business and really work for yourself, how does it feel? Does it feel like a chore? Does it feel lackluster? I’ll bet it does.

In fact, I’d bet you’re putting in less than a one-tenth of the effort toward working for yourself, than you put in working for somebody else. Can you believe that? Can what I said possibly be true, in that you’re breaking your back for your employer while completely under-delivering to your own ends?

If you’re doing this, then it’s because you’ve got a bad case of “employee mindset.”

Having an employee mindset is completely toxic to any real entrepreneur, and virtually guarantees that you’ll fail time and time again, no matter how badly you feel you want to succeed and prosper. Having an employee mindset is what drives you to work hard for others, but never to work hard for yourself.

The employee mindset is a murderous mental trap, and it will pin you down and keep you miserable if you don’t make the conscious decision to change the way you think. The way this mindset develops is through a person working hard for an employer, being paid less than what they’re worth, and then at the end of the day, coming home and feeling completely exhausted.

That sounds like a day in the life of any “Average Joe,” doesn’t it?

Exactly, which is why the employee mindset is so prominent in society. When you work hard and get paid a certain amount for that level of work, a subconscious thought tends to develop, and that thought tells you “this is the amount of money that my time and effort are worth.”

Is this statement true? Of course not!

But that doesn’t stop your subconscious mind from constructing that belief anyway.

Here’s an example of how this belief plagues you. Let’s say you’re earning $12/hour at your job. You work hard to earn your money, and you’re sick of your job. Fortunately, you come across this excellent income opportunity, and you know if you only applied as much effort at this opportunity as you do in your job, you’ll EASILY be earning TEN TIMES the amount that you currently make with your job!

So you get involved with this income opportunity, and as soon as you do, you begin doing what your sponsor or instructions tell you to do in order to have a successful start. Things seem like they’ll be great, but before too long, your enthusiasm is fading fast, and in the end you drop the income opportunity altogether. Why is this?

In your mind, even if you don’t know it, you believe that working as hard as you do is worth $12/hour. That’s it.

So when you start to believe the idea that you can work that hard and earn 10X as much money, your subconscious mind has designed itself to “remind” you that you’re wrong, and that you can only earn $12 an hour with that much effort.

You’ll subconsciously believe that in order to earn ten times what you’re earning right now, you’ll have to work ten times as hard as you’re already working at your job! With that kind of belief, no wonder you give up on such an opportunity!

After all, you want to work less while making more, so when you’re subconscious mind is telling you that you need to work ten times harder than you already hate doing, then why on earth would you follow through?

There are other factors involved with how the employee mindset develops, but this is one of the most critical. This is also where the extremely wealthy and incredibly successful are very different, in that they see their time is worth an astounding amount of money, and they NEVER settle for less than what it’s worth.

They condition themselves to see that they’re worth hundreds of dollars for an hour of effort, or even thousands of dollars for an hour of effort, and hundreds of thousands of dollars for a day’s work, or even more!

Establish a Strong Self-Worth

Breaking an employee mindset comes at the core of truly having a high sense of self-worth. Is it easy to achieve? Not if you’ve been conditioned for most of your life that getting a job is the only true way to earn a living… but that’s not living; that “Living” is what you’re doing when you have the life you desire, the success you deserve, and are surrounded by people you love and who love you, people you can provide for in every way. THAT’S living!

You need to shatter your employee mindset and replace it with one of real value, one of incredible self-worth and complete expectation that your goals and dreams aren’t worth $12 an hour, but are worth ten times, one hundred times, and 1,000 times.

Develop this mindset of self-worth, the mindset of a strategic entrepreneur, of the “new rich,” and you WILL learn to work for yourself. Not only that, you’ll never want to work for anybody else or for anything less, ever.

If you’ve been trapped in an employee mindset and you want to break free, then you need to alter your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about money, value, and especially your own self-worth. A lifetime of negative conditioning is difficult to undo, but it’s possible to recondition yourself completely, so long as you’re following the right instructions and being fed the right beliefs and values.

You NEED direction that will empower you with an unstoppable sense of self-worth, and supercharge you towards achieving incredible success in every way possible.

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