Monday, December 14, 2015

Creating an Abundance Mindset!

Original article: Squidoo, whyamiwealthy

Creating a Mindset of Abundance 

Abundance is around us. There exists so many opportunities to grow and develop and reach for our dreams. The world is filled with resources to empower us to live our greatest desires and go for what we really want in life!

Creating Mastery: "The Master Key System" 

"The world within creates the world without."

This age old wisdom of wealth creation comes from the abundance classic "The Master Key System" written by Charles Haanel, one of the wealthiest and most successful people of his time. His book is his contribution to the world, coming from his desire to impart the knowledge and skills he has gained in creating wealth and abundance in his own life.

Each chapter states practical principles that can empower you to be wealthy. His work can shift your perspective and empower you in your journey to wealth and abundance. In the Master Key System, Charles Haanel highlights the importance of the "world within", our own thoughts in creating our reality. In his book, you discover the unlimited power that is in all of us waiting to be unleashed.

Master Key System: Always Remember!

"The world within creates the world without. The world without is only a reflection of the world within."
- Charles Haanel

Unlimited Power: Think and Grow Rich 

Another book which has been inspiring a lot of people is a book by Napoleon Hill entitled "Think and Grow Rich". It is reported that this book was the first book on self help literature which started the self help movement. Funny that the whole self help movement started from a book about how to be abundant financially in life. I guess it is but fitting as most of our ugly traits come out when dealing with this subject. But conversely, our greatest strength also comes out when we dream big in this arena.

Napoleon Hill in this book outlined many key strategies on how to progress on the road to abundance. One of my favorite principles outlined in this book is about "DESIRE". He says it all begins with a strong desire. Desire is the fuel that will keep us going as we encounter different circumstances in our journey toward abundance. A strong desire will carry us through and will inspire in us action and determination to see things through. A strong desire will enable us to see the joyful things around and have a sense of fun and joy that will sustain us through the journey. It is this desire that will make us grow beyond who we currently are and unleash the infinite potential within us.

Learning from the Millionaires Next Door 

One interesting book about creating a mindset of abundance is the Millionaire Next Door.

The book revealed the surprising simplicity of those who live in abundance. The people who have created wealth. And many were surprised to learn that not all of these people drive fancy cars nor wear ultra expensive clothes. Rather as they say, they have "cattle and not chattel". Instead on focusing on having, these people concentrated on being.

One great principle of this book is the definition of abundance and freedom. They outlined that one's freedom in finances is determined by how long one can live without needing to work. It's a great insight on what it really means to be abundant.